GBF: The Naked Man – Byron Bay

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The Good – I finally found warm sunny weather in Bryon Bay! I spent four straight days playing on the beach and had so much fun hanging with Stacy and catching up on the past year!

The Bad – I was enjoying the quiet seclusion of my spot on the beach my first day in Byron, until a very large naked man rocked up out of nowhere heading straight toward me! My instinct was to flee, which I did leaving half of my belongings on my towel – the naked man called after me “Do you have the time?”  I paused, looked up at the sky and said “Maybe 2:00?”. He nodded my direction as he walked his naked body past me and continued down the beach.

A naked man on Tallow Beach, seriously??? Then again Byron Bay is a hippy beach town and I suppose a naked man probably wouldn’t be wearing a watch … but regardless it was so NOT cool for naked man to frighten a girl like that! Stacy and her housemates found the incident to be incredibly amusing! She has lived in Byron for almost a year and her housemates even longer and no one has ever had a naked man approach them on the beach. Can Stacy or I say we are surprised this happened to me? NAH … I attract the crazies wherever I go!

The Funny – Stacy and I decided to bike up to the lighthouse and then hike to the top with her friend. I had been at the beach all day and was wearing a dress over my bikini and in flip-flops, but figured it was an easy enough ride so I hopped on a bike in my attempting to pedal without flashing those passing by. We were almost to the top when my body was suddenly jerked backwards as my dress got caught in the wheel nearly causing me to crash! The back of my dress ripped but I suppose a lot worse could have happened!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Yes I find the naked man story very “funny” (but then again I didn’t have my sunbaking interruped by approaching dangly bits) and the torn dress and near bicycle crash more the “bad”…either way like the new GBF feature 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Love the new blog part “the good, the bad, the funny”. Update it often because with you I know there is plenty of contenders for all of the above. I love to hear about all of the crazy things that happen only to you!

  3. Gary says:

    I love being naked at Byron. I’m surprised your friends haven’t come across a nudie on the beach! I agree it is funny, but I don’t think it’s at all bad, it’s just the human body, we all wear skin underneath :-).
    I recommend a naked stroll
    It’s good for the soul! LOL

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