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I was SO excited to see “Sex And The City”, which premiered last night in Australia. The movie was released sooner in the states, so I had to make sure I did not read or listen to anything that might spoil the show for me! Like most girls I know, I have seen every episode of the series and loved them all! I was happy to have three fun girls to see the movie with in the city of Cairns. Stacy, Bridgette, Nicole and I got to the theater early for good seats, sneaking in our pre-mixed cosmopolitans. The theater was packed, mostly with females, but also a few daring men, secure in their manhood!

The movie made me laugh out loud and cry my eyes out at the same time as I experienced an intense de javu. I don’t think I can give a fair review of the movie due to a slightly jaded viewpoint. Love and forgiveness is the underlying theme throughout the entire film. The quest for love, the quest for maintaining love, and the quest for healing after failed love. I am curious as to what others thought about the ending? For me…it was as Carrie said to Charlotte’s little girl… “These things don’t happen in real life!”

I think the show is such a hit with women because we can see a part of ourselves in each of the four women and we can relate to their experiences. I have never understood why some guys have issues with watching Sex And the City?? I have been told that guys don’t like that the movie is purely from a woman’s perspective. I think this is all the more reason to watch the show as guys could learn so much about us women! I know quite a few guys that watch the show and enjoy it. Yes, there are guys out there that are secure enough to admit they like this show, despite what other guys may say!

If your guy refuses to watch the Sex and the City with you, perhaps you could try a new technique to get him to watch…


I once dated a guy, who shall remain nameless, who refused to watch Sex and the City with me no matter how much I begged and pleaded! I decided I needed a new approach to get the result I desired…my boyfriend watching Sex and the City with me and enjoying every moment! I realized a long time ago that men have to feel like they are making their own decisions and they generally will rebel and do the opposite of what us women try to force them to do. So… I completely stopped asking him to watch the show with me, and would watch the show alone in complete bliss. I realized my new plan was slowly working as I would catch him peering through the kitchen into the living room watching bits of the show, as he thought I wouldn’t notice. This is the key point ladies…DO NOT acknowledge that the man did this. A few weeks later he actually came and sat beside me on the couch as I watched the show and watched part of an episode with me. AGAIN…DO NOT acknowledge that the man did this and definitely DO NOT make fun of them for doing so. A few days later, he started asking questions regarding an episode, showing signs of interest and progress in my experiment. A pattern started to develop where he would casually find himself in the room when I was watching the show. PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE! He began to expressed confusion and disappointment that the show was not being shown in sequence on the television, as it made it harder for him to follow and again he had more questions. He suggested that it would make more sense to watch them in order, and I agreed. And then it happened, sort of to my surprise, but not really. He bought “me” the complete 6 series of the show and suggested that we watch them from start to finish! Of course, he became hooked on the show and asked to watch several episodes in one sitting. And that ladies…is how to get your man to watch Sex and the City and love it as much as you do!!!!!

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