Surf’s Up in Raglan

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Raglan is a laid back surfer town located on the west coast of the New Zealand’s north island. It’s a great place to kick back and relax for a few days.

Manu Bay is a popular spot for surfers.

Thomas went kitesurfing but I was still too sore with my bruised rib to go out on the water. He had one word for his kiting session that day … COLD! Neither of us have long wetsuits and our “shorties” do not keep us warm enough in the chilly NZ waters as winter is approaching.

The conditions in Raglan are quite unusual for a kiting spot. Falling tide creates a current against the wind moving at 5 knots. This mean you can kite in much lighter wind conditions. The day we were there wind speed was 25 knots and Thomas was way overpowered on my 8 meter Switchblade. The current also makes it easy to go upwind but difficult to go downwind (this is the opposite of how kiting usually goes).

To see more photos of Raglan CLICK HERE.

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