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I wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a small town like Lancelin. There is not a whole lot to do in Lano, but the local kids always find creative ways to entertain themselves.

Photo credits to Stevo

Photo credits to Stevo

While I have always loved living in a big city, I also very much enjoyed living in this small town. While living in Lancelin (population 400) the past two months, I have come to learn that there are pros and cons to small town living. While Lano is a beautiful place to visit, I do not think I would have stayed as long as I did had I not been here to learn to kitesurf.

There are some things about this small town I will miss and others I will not …

Pros to living in a small town …

  • Everyone knows your name
  • It is never crowded
  • No one is in a rush to get anywhere
  • Laid back, stress free living
  • The bartender knows your drink order before you order it
  • It is very safe – parents can send their kids outside to play  and leave your doors unlocked without worry
  • Everything you need is a short bike ride away
  • Everyone wants to be your friend
  • People go out of their way to help you
  • It is safe to hitch hike

Cons to living in a small town …

  • Everyone knows your name
  • Gossip – because everyone knows everyone and there there just isn’t much else to do
  • Expensive groceries ($6 for a gallon of milk)
  • Fruit and vegetables are never fresh. $5 for a rotten capsicum (pepper) – no thanks!
  • Shops run out of staples – like milk
  • Local drama
  • Small minds (racism)
  • Bloody gossip (did I say that already? Grrrrr) that usually is quite exaggerated
  • Many locals have drinking problems – because there just isn’t much else to do

What I will miss most about Lancelin …

  • The wind
  • Our sweet beach house
  • My cute bedroom and the stars on the ceiling (especially the twinkling one)
  • Daily afternoon naps
  • Beautiful Lano sunsets
  • Kitesurfing at the North Point
  • Learning new recipes from around the world
  • Chillin in the hammock on the front porch
  • Playing in the sprinklers on really hot days
  • And most of all … my wonderful new friends

Tomorrow I leave Lancelin, thank you for the memories … until we meet again!

To see more photos of Lancelin CLICK HERE.

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  1. LIsa says:

    Off to yet another adventure!! I love reading your blog. Where are you headed next? Glad you like your hammock!!!

  2. Amanda says:

    This is such a cute post girl! I love that I grew up in a small town. I will also point out that some of your “cons” are really more specific to living in a small town way out on the edge of civilization. My small town in California had loads of fresh veggies all the time, but everything else is right on! I haven’t lived there in 14 years and I am still included in the gossip!

  3. Dasha says:

    We leave our door unlocked in Brooklyn…

    And all over Southeast Asia kids wisely play near streets and motorbikes, but they seem to have better heads on their shoulders – because they don’t ever cross the road or anything.

    Sometimes I think we are overly safety conscious – to a fault.


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