Lancelin Ocean Classic

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The Lancelin Ocean Classic occurred this past weekend, and is by far the biggest event that happens in this small town. The Ocean Classic is a world renowned windsurfing event that has occurred annually since 1986 attracting competitors from all over the world. The first two days consist of wave sailing, the Ledge to Lancelin Ocean Marathon was on Saturday and Sunday slalom.

The marathon is a down wind course of approximately 25 kilometers beginning in Ledgepoint and ending in front of the local tavern in Lancelin. This year 250 windsurfers competed, including my mate Mike. The winner of the marathon was Bjorn Dunkerbeck finishing in 33 minutes.

The Tavern

Marathon Winner – Bjorn Dunkerbeck

The lazy little town of only 400 residents came to life the past weekend, as the race attracted thousands of visitors to Lancelin. The annual party at the Tavern on Saturday night was heaps of fun with live music and the entire town came out to play!

Party at the Tavern

To see more photos of the Classic CLICK HERE.


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  1. Oh Kelly this looks so amazing. I can’t quite even imagine what it must be like to actually be there — but sometimes, like when looking at the photo of the tavern above, I feel like I can FEEL what it must feel like to be there. And it truly seems amazing.

    You are so very lucky that you get to do this!

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