Lost in Translation

Australia — By on December 17, 2010 2:49 AM

My new friend Mylene is French and when she is not windsurfing she is always wanting to practice her English. I have loved my chats with Mylene as well as her yummy apple pies. As a homework assignment I asked her to write out her secret apple pie recipe in English.

Mylene has a sweet tooth. She was often seen eating the fudge bars that were for sale at the front desk of the hostel. The money was to go to the Lions Club that raises money for the local community. Our friend Chiara noticed that she never deposited money in the box for the candy she took and ate. We asked her why she did not pay the $0.60 for the candy and Mylene responded “Because the candy is FREE.”

The candy was advertised as “GLUTEN FREE” which confused my funny French friend. We all had a good laugh at her expense. : )

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