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I recently joined a MEETUP group in San Francisco created specifically for travel enthusiasts. I love being in the company of others who like me, suffer from a bad case of wanderlust. The group meets a couple of times a month to discuss travel related books and lectures.

At last night’s Meetup I had the pleasure of meeting a very special lady. Olga Murray is the Founder and President of NYOF (Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation). During a trip to Nepal in 1987, Olga broke her ankle and was treated by a doctor in Kathmandu who had just opened a free hospital for poor severely disabled children. After seeing the impoverished condition of children in the villages she wanted to help too. Olga began giving scholarships to disabled children who otherwise would never have been able to attend school.

In 1990, she founded NYOF to provide the most impoverished children of Nepal with what she felt should be every child’s birthright – education, housing, medical care, and loving support. NYOF leverages the monies from developed countries to maximize the aid for these children.

“The improvement we see in the lives of the children we help leaves us with a sense of elation,” Olga says. “Imagine spending your days providing any kind of help to a child you encounter who needs and deserves it. Nothing rekindles hope in the human condition more than witnessing the transformation of a child.”

If you are interested in making a contribution to this great cause CLICK HERE.

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  1. Gregg Tully says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for writing this terrific post about Olga and the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation. I work for NYOF, and we're very proud and excited about the work we do. We and our partner organizations have now rescued more than 10,000 girls from virtual slavery, and within a few years, we will have eliminated the tradition of selling girls into bondage.
    Take care,

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