How can I get paid to travel???

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This is the question I ask myself each day as I search for an escape from the confines of my cubicle. After being blessed with the freedom to travel the world for a year, going back to the 9-5 has been about as much fun for as watching FOX News on a Friday night with my parents. Restlessness is growing inside me. Patience is a virtue I may have lost temporarily. I want to travel again and I want to do it NOW. The need to pay off the last trip and save for my next adventure has become the shackle securely attaching me to my ergonomically-challenged desk chair.

I have brainstormed for hours on the subject, coming up with a range of possibilities. I could be a travel writer, photographer, dive instructor, English language teacher, or perhaps an adventure tour guide. Or if I were really lucky, I could get paid to blog about my travels having advertisers knocking on my door eager to reach my thousands of followers! All of these ideas sound fun to me! Now I just need to make this happen!

I have decided to further develop my writing skills by taking creative writing classes. I am very excited for the “Intensive Travel Writing” class I start in a few weeks. The instructor is Don George,a very well published travel writer who I had the pleasure of meeting recently when he spoke at The World Affairs Council. He spoke of “Traveling in the Age of Obama”, sharing tips that he hoped would help us realize the potential we each have as citizen stewards and everyday ambassadors to build bridges of understanding and connection around the globe. I could not agree more.

I was inspired and when I spoke with Don after the lecture I asked him “how can I have your life?!” Don has spent three decades as a professional world-wanderer, traveling to 70-plus countries. Don is currently Contributing Editor and Book Review Columnist for National Geographic Traveler, editor of Recce: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler, and host of the blog Don’s Place.

National Geographic has called Don George a “legendary travel writer and editor.” He has been Global Travel Editor for Lonely Planet Publications & the San Francisco Chronicle. Don has published anthologies of travel tales and more than 1000 articles in publications around the globe.

Obviously, Don knows a thing or two about travel writing and I am hopeful he can help me in my quest for an answer to my burning question!

One of his essays I found inspiring and resonated with me is Liberations of Paris.

Don shares five lessons he has learned through his life of travel:

1. Pursue your passion
2. Listen to your gut
3. Open yourself to the universe
4. Trust in the kindness of strangers
5. Don’t be afraid to get lost

Embrace joy. Cherish friendship. And love.

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