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Please check for your personal belonging …

Please check for your personal belonging …

I admit I can be defiant. There is an innate part of me that refuses, for whatever reason, to obey orders given by flight attendants. I don’t pay attention to safety procedure demonstrations and I have never read the safety information brochure in the seat pocket in front of me. I travel often, I know […]


Packing has to be my least favorite past time. I have never been know to be a “good packer”; however, I have to say that I have learned a lot and improved upon my packing skills on this trip. I have packed an repacked a dozen times already, slimming down my bag each time. Danny […]

Travel Vaccines, Meds, and Risks

Yes, having a half dozen needles jabbed into your arm isn’t fun, but I hear that typhoid, rabies, and hepatitis can be inconvenient and painful as well. To avoid such travel complications, I began my research into the appropriate vaccinations prior to leaving the states. I started my Hepatitis immunizations, got a polio booster and […]