One Big Family in Tanna

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From sea we watched in awe as Mt. Yaser erupted in the distance, the red lava balls visible in the distance as we sailed toward the island of Tanna. We anchored at Port of Resolution, by morning the boat was covered in black volcanic ash.

We stayed anchored in the same place for over a week which gave us the opportunity to get to know the local villagers. It was a great time to be in Tanna as Vanuatu celebrated its national Independence Day and there were many festivities organized in the villages to celebrate. A big soccer competition went on throughout the week and we watched a few games.

Infinity hosted a “Connect Dinner” in which we invited all of the locals from a village in Tanna aboard the ship for dinner and entertainment. We were surprised when only the men from the village showed up and had left all the women and children at home. They brought gifts as a thank you and sang us a song. We decided to invite the women and children aboard the following evening.

We had a huge curry dinner and then a few of the crew members performed a play they had written about climate change. It was quite silly and the guys all seemed quite amused.

As a thank you, the chief hosted a feast for us in his village the night before we left Tanna. We wrote the song “One Big Family” and sang for the village …

We are from Infinity
We are living on the sea
Don’t care for nationality
We are one big family

We are from the United States
Mickey Mouse and big White House

Nos somos do Brasil
These guys are from Brazil
Amazonia e futebol
Amazon and soccer games

Je viens de Belgique
Pierre is from Belgium
Pays des gaofres au chocolate
Land of chocolate waffles

We are from the U.K
Mr. Bean and fish and chips

Nous on arrive de France
These guys are from France
Zidane, vine et bon fromage
Zidane, winde and good cheese

Mir chomme us de schwitz
These guys are from Switzerland
Uhre, chas und bankkonti
Watches, chesse and bank accounts

Emmy is from Canada
Mountains Moose and maple leaf

Jeg kommer fra Denmark
Lise is from Denmark
Land med snaps og rugbred
Land of schnaps and rye bread

Wir sind aus Deutschland
These guys are from Germany
Bier, wurst, schnelle autos
Beer, sausages, and fast cars

Now you know Infinity
Honored to be in Tanna
Let’s join hands and have some fun
Underneath the warming sun.

To see more photos of Tanna CLICK HERE.

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