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Mystery Island, Aneityum, Vanuatu

The island of Inyeug was renamed “Mystery Island” by the owner of a cruise ship who began bringing passengers to the deserted island in 1980 as it was a mystery whether they could land their passengers there because of unpredictable seas.

Today no one lives on the island is because its traditional owners who live on the island next door (Aneityum), believe it’s haunted after dark by ghosts. I did think the island felt a bit creepy after exploring it one afternoon. Vanuatu’s last recorded case of cannibalism was as recent as 1969. There are bungalows to rent on the island, but no one was there when I visited. I heard a rumor that you can rent out the entire island for $700 USD/week.

Aneityum’s main source of income is tourism. A cruise ship unloads passengers onto Mystery Island once a month and the locals sell food and crafts to the visitors. And sadly a ridiculous photo opp was created for tourist to pose in a large pot as if being cooked.

I would steer clear of this island if a cruise ship is in sight; otherwise it is a great little place to spend a quiet day relaxing, snorkeling, or kitesurfing. I launched my kite from Mystery Island as the wind was strong on the north point of the island.

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Kelly Kiting

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