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Aneityum is Vanuatu’s southernmost inhabited island. The interior is mountainous and covered with forest. A group from our boat set out to trek through the center of the island to the other side while the rest of the boat sailed around the island. The trek ended up taking longer than expected and come nightfall they decided to sleep under a rock to try to stay dry from the downpour. We were all a bit worried when they didn’t return to the boat that night and assumed they had decided to stay in a village.

They returned to the boat the following morning with their local guides, great stories, and a dead fruit bat with it’s tongue sticking out (the locals killed it as a treat for us.) I had been feeling to lazy to do a 15k hike but after hearing all about their crazy adventures sliding down a muddy mountain in the pouring rain I actually wished I had gone!

We only spent three days anchored beside the island and spent most of our time in the villages interviewing the locals for the “In Fifty Years” project.

Aneityum Island, Vanuatu

Getting to know the locals

Customs Officer


Ni-Vanuatu love soccer

Unloading barrels from ships

Cutie Pamela

Sunset on Aneityum

To see more photos of Aneityum CLICK HERE.

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