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I have the opportunity to increase the possibility of a sustainable future for our planet.

Today I will join Infinity, 120 ft sailing expedition vessel that is setting sail for Vanuatu on July 6th. The mission of Infinity Expeditions is to promote global awareness, understanding and collaboration, real-world problem solving of environmental issues and choices impacting our planet and its citizens.

In route, we will be working to create a compilation of videos and viewpoints, a look into humanity’s vision of tomorrow. Through this project, called In Fifty Years, we will strive to capture and share environmental perceptions from around the world, particularly from the far-reaches of the South Pacific, where the islands and their cultures are being directly and dramatically impacted by climate change. We will give a voice to the people who are affected the most but are so often excluded from discussion because of their location and the difficulty involved in reaching them.

If you love this big beautiful world as much as I do and want to ensure its preservation for the future there is much we can do to make a global impact. If you would also like to help support this great cause please contact me.

“We believe that communities have the right to be heard by the world, no matter their size or their distance.”

Clemens Ostereich, Founder of Infinity Expeditions

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