Found a boat, but …

New Zealand, Octopus Tales, South Pacific Sailing — By on May 3, 2011 7:20 AM

it is not leaving New Zealand until early June as the engine is currently being replaced.

The owners, a retired couple from England, have invited us to sail with them to Vanuatu. The boat is a 50 ft catamaran and we would have our own private cabin. Everything sounds great except the idea of having to spend another month in New Zealand, where winter is fast approaching and our money is disappearing faster than expected. Our preference is to be in tropical paradise as soon as possible.

We have received two other offers to crew on boats that are already in Fiji. The problem is how to get to Fiji? So far we haven’t had any luck finding a boat to take us to Fiji. Another option would be to fly to Fiji … but we just can’t bring ourselves to do this just yet. It seems silly to fly after spending so much time looking for a boat. And obviously sailing would be a much more fun adventure than flying any day.

So what to do, what to do? We were both starting to feel a bit stressed over this impending decision and had to remind ourselves that if the biggest stress in our lives at the moment is how we will arrive on a beautiful island in the South Pacific then we are pretty damn lucky!

You shouldn’t rush decisions when  in doubt … so we will take some time to weigh our options and there is still  a chance that another crewing opportunity could come available on a boat that plans to set sail soon.

Stay tuned …

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