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that should be kept a secret as it wouldn’t be so cool if other kiters found out about it and crowded the water!

The Good: I finally got to go kitesurfing after being disabled for over 3 weeks with my bruised rib!

For over a week we explored the beautiful Karikari Peninsula where no matter which way the wind blows you can find a good place to kitesurf. Our favorite spot was tricky to find as it is only accessible at low tide and only for a few hours unless you want to camp overnight on the beach (which of course we love to do!). Located 100 meters offshore is a sandbar which helps to create flat water by protecting nearby waters from the swell. The water level was only waist deep which is great for beginners like me. If you crash and loose your board in shallow water you can easily stand up and walk to it instead of having to use your kite to drag your body though deeper waters.

The Bad: Thomas had a kiting accident in Rangiputa. I didn’t see it happen, or I surely would have freaked out and have been so scared for him! After I helped him launch his kite I walked back to the van to get my camera. During this time Thomas was climbing over some rocks making his way to the water when his kite back stalled (started falling from the sky) and then a big gust took hold of it pulling the kite quickly through the “power zone”  and as a result Thomas got dragged across a bunch of rocks that tore up both his feet. He is lucky only his feet got dragged over the rocks, it could have been much worse. Was a reminder that while kiting is great fun, it can also be dangerous as well. We found a much better spot to kite with no rocks the next day.

The Funny: We were kitesurfing one day and met some fishermen. They had caught heaps of fish and insisted that we take some to have for dinner. We weren’t sure what to do with fish so we strapped them into Thomas’ harness and he kited all the way back to the van with our dinner. Good thing for him there aren’t many sharks in these waters, we think?!

To see more photos of Karikari Peninsula CLICK HERE.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love the good the bad the funny. You are always full of interesting stories.

  2. Dangerous Dave says:

    Whats Thomas doing walking over rocks to go kiting???? Hes a nutter!

    Hope he is alright and Im loving your pics. Im in the UK and have not kited for 2 months but i fly to greece with my new equipment 5th May. For the record (and thom will want to know) I got the new Naish torches in 7 and 9, warrior 3 and jamie pro 132….cant wait.

    look forward to your next updates. love to the both of you

    Dangerous Dave

    • Kelly says:

      hey dave!!! i told thomas that those rocks looked dangerous but he said he would be fine …
      he’s better now thanks to nurse kelly : ) congrats on the new gear! would love to find my way to greece one day soon! XXX

  3. Tom says:

    hey Dave. It was the shortest way to get into the water and i was too lazy to take the long, safe way. Congrats on your new kites. i hope you will have lots of fun kiting in greece. all the best

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