Rum Racing

New Zealand, South Pacific Sailing — By on April 7, 2011 3:51 PM

Mount Gay Rum Race occurs every Friday at Westhaven Marina in Auckland. Thomas and I invited our new friend Jen from Idaho to join us in our attempts to get on a boat and participate in the sailing race. We walked along the dock asking if anyone had room for us on their boat and eventually landed spots on “Per Chance” a 45 ft yacht.

Rum Race in Auckland

Our goal was to meet more sailers, learn more about sailing, racing, and of course to have fun!

On board was six guys, a sweet lady named Barbara and the three of us.

Most of our time spent on the boat was sliding under the boom and hanging our legs over whichever side of the boat needed more weight as we tacked upwind.  It was crazy how tilted the boats would become as the wind would pull the sail to one side.

Tacking upwind

I learned that there is definitely an art to sailing especially in racing.  The phrase “taking the wind out of my sails” can literally happen if a boat positions itself appropriately in relation to a competitor’s boat.

Our boat placed 3rd in the race and as a prize we won a bottle of Mount Gay Rum which we all enjoyed together.

To see photos of my first Rum Race CLICK HERE.

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