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There are so many cool spots that go undiscovered by those who stick to a well worn tourist track. Sometimes it takes staying put in one place for a while to hear about the local hidden jewels that have yet to be spoiled by us tourists.

This week I discovered a funky but beautiful place that most people who visit WA would drive right past. It is easy to do so as the locals have removed the sign indicating the turn off point to get to the island.

Locals Only

I was surprised to see camels on the beach

The settlement is home to approximately 350 beach shacks are used by crayfishermen and has been a family holiday destination for locals for over 70 years. I wondered among the shacks but did not see a single person that day.

Shack owners pay a yearly lease fee to the state. The shack leases are due to expire on 30 June 2011, which would have meant the removal of the shacks in line with government policy. There is currently a movement to save the place.

I spent the day in Wedge with my kitesurfing friends and we had an amazing day.

I am taking this well kept secret with me once I leave, it is too good to have spoiled by tourists!

Funky Shacks

Kiting in the waves

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