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Love kitesurfing? Wondering where the wind is blowing now? Need a kitesurfing vacation?

Download iKiteGlobal Kitesufing Travel Guide, and take a virtual kitesurfing trip around the world from your iPhone or iPad.

The iKiteGlobal Kitesurfing travel guide includes detailed information on over 120 of the World’s best kitesurfing, windsurfing and snowkiting spots with beautiful photos, relevant text, searchable GPS enabled Google Maps, amazing video, travel tips and recommendations from World Champion riders.

Discover the sport of kitesurfing at home or abroad. This app provides excellent resources for every level of rider from the beginner interested in learning about the sport kiteboarding and good places to learn, up to the professional level global wind hunter looking for new exotic locations. Explore the rich content and take a surf trip around the world from the palm of your hand.

Detailed information on over 120 spots including
Description of spots
Explore over 2000 gorgeous pictures featuring the sport’s top riders in the world’s best locations to kitesurf
Search the World with GPS enabled Google Maps
Discover places with beautiful Video of each location
Recommendations from some of the world’s top riders
Wind Conditions
Wind Strength
Wind Forecast Links
Wetsuit Information
Webcam Links
Nightlife Information
Kitesurfing School Links
Wikipedia Links
Best Season
Wind Consistency
Beginner, Downwinder, Exploratory, Flat Water, Snowkite, Wave Riding
Budget, Destination, Exotic, Fun for Non- Kiters, Party Scene, Tropical
Local tips and Information
Location and travel information

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