Thanksgiving Down Under

Australia — By on December 15, 2010 9:36 PM

I am attempting to catch up this blog with all I have been up to the past three weeks in Lancelin. I have been having too much fun kitesurfing and hanging with new friends to want to sit down in front of a computer!

A few weeks back I hosted a very international Thanksgiving dinner at the hostel I was staying in at the time.

The idea came to me the day before Thanksgiving and I knew it might be difficult to find a turkey in this small town. I visited the local general store, Have a Chat, and met owner Darren for the first time. I explained I was on a mission to find a turkey and he confirmed that there were indeed no turkeys to be found in town. Being the nice guy he is Darren phoned his wife who just happened to be in Perth and asked her to pick me up a turkey. Just one of the many special moments that made me love this little town and the people who live here.

Did I mention that I had never actually made a turkey before? Being the only American at the dinner, the pressure was on to represent the good ole US of A. The turkey and stuffing turned out surprisingly well!

Other countries represented at my international dinner was Australia, Italy, France, Scotland, Switzerland, England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada.

Dinner included my turkey & dressing and an assortment of dishes from around the world (some typical thanksgiving dishes like mashed potatoes and others more international like Yorkshire pudding, french apple pie, and Asian style seafood rolls.)

I told everyone the story of America’s first Thanksgiving and asked everyone to say what they were thankful for.

And then we ate and it was good.

To see more photos from Thanksgiving Down Under CLICK HERE

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