Aussie Egg Mystery Solved

Australia, Learned something new today — By on October 10, 2010 12:20 AM

Learned Something New Today …

Why are eggs not found in the refrigerated part of the grocery store in Australia?

This is a question I have wondered for years after looking for eggs in the refrigerated dairy section only to find them shelved next to the bread in grocery stores throughout Australia. I have asked many Aussies “Why are your eggs not refrigerated?” – but never got an answer until I met Lawrence.

Lawrence explained to me that in Australia eggs are kept in warehouses filled with “some sort of gas” devoid of oxygen before they are distributed to grocery stores for sale. Eggs can be stored in these warehouses up to three years. It is only when the eggs are exposed to oxygen do they begin to lose freshness and at that point can be stored at room temperature for only up to three weeks. Lawrence reckons that most Aussies store their eggs in the fridge once they get them home; however, I have often witnessed to my confusion cartons of eggs sitting out on a kitchen table.

His answer seems simple enough (please note I did not confirm the information but chose to believe Lawrence who seems like a very smart bloke) – but this answer only served to bring a new question to my mind.

Why in America are our eggs stored in the refrigerator?

We debated the possibilities and came up with these likely reasons why …

A. Eggs are not stored in gas chambers in America and have a shorter shelf life upon arrival to a grocery store.
B. America is not energy conscious and tends to use excess energy when not necessary.
C. American eggs taste better when chilled.
D. None of the above

My vote is for B – but would love to know if any of you out there know the correct answer?

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  1. Dan says:

    I think the next letter is E. They are always fresh.

  2. Eamon says:

    I think it’s because the U.S. has more rigorous health and safety standards than Oz. Consumer advocacy litigation is so lucrative here firms preemptively cater to the lowest common denominator of consumer.

  3. Heather says:

    Probably because PETA won’t let us gas baby chickens!

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