So hard to say goodbye

Feature, San Francisco, United States — By on August 12, 2010 6:55 AM

One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore. Andre Gide

A friend of mine shared this quote with me that that beautifully captures the trade-off that comes with long-term travel; the comforts and habits of home that one must give up in order to claim a nomadic existence on the road.

In preparation for my upcoming long-term travel adventure, I gave my 30 day notice on my apartment today. While it is hard for me to give up my place (just look how cute she is!), the rewards of life on the road are incomparable.

Living alone was a goal for me. Check.

Now it’s time to get packing! Why do I have so much stuff?

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  1. Dan L says:

    The bin is waiting eagerly. I would not want to call your stuff garbage but it can all fit in there and one week later you will not miss a thing.

    My guess… On the other hand you are a women and you are all quite crazy, which is why I love you all.

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