Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare

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If I were to buy a book about Sarah Palin it would be Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare, as the title reflects my sentiment toward the vice presidential candidate. A parody of Palin’s memoir, the book is comprised of essays from various publications and bloggers that take a harsh look at Palin’s verbal mistakes, her political views and her role as an American celebrity.

Despite my dislike for both her character and policies, I watched her recent appearance on Oprah. As Palin spoke a familiar chill ran down my spine as it did so many times during the 2009 campaign.

I was reminded of a night in Indonesia…I was traveling alone at the time had rented a very cheap room in a shady part of town. The lock on the door left me feeling anything but secure and the noises outside my room were keeping me up all night. I decided to turn on the tv to drown out the sounds. Just as I was finally drifting off to sleep, I was startled back to consciousness by a sound that to me was more frightening than the imminent danger outside my door…the voice of Sarah Palin!

Moral of the story…

A woman traveling solo in a foreign country… not so scary.

Sarah Palin in the White House…TERRIFYING!!!

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  1. ap says:

    Even as a conservative, I have to agree with you. For once we see eye to eye when it comes to politics…we really need to see a strong candidate who is fiscally conservative and socially not so much…govt needs to stay out of the way…period.

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