What you may not know about The Netherlands…

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Holland is not a country but represent two (North and South) of the “The Netherlands” twelve provinces.

In the Netherlands it is common to greet people with three kisses. Example: Left cheek, right cheek, then left cheek again.

One quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level.

The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe.

Almost every Dutch person has a bicycle and there are twice as many bikes as cars.

The Netherlands is the world’s eight largest exporter.

Amsterdam has one hundred and sixty canals and over twelve hundred bridges.

ING is a Dutch founded company and ING’s orange lion represents the company’s Dutch roots. It is no coincidence that ING’s branding is very ORANGE as this is the national color of the Netherlands after the royal family…House of Orange. The lion is the country’s national symbol.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but The Hague is the seat of government

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