The odd things I will remember about OZ…

Australia, RTW: 2007-2008 — By on November 7, 2008 5:30 AM

Everything is “mini-sized” – Large pizzas are the size of a small pizza in the states! I know what you are going to say…everything is “super sized in America” but it is crazy when little me can eat and ENTIRE large pizza all by myself!

Hamburgers are served with a fried egg and beet root on top.

Apparently there is a limited supply of dill pickles as I can NEVER find them in the grocery stores?

All cheddar cheese is white and all cheese is called “Tasty Cheese”?

There are no Mexican restaurants??? I miss guacamole! Okay, I am exaggerating…I have seen a few (I can count on one hand) restaurants that claim to serve Mexican food, but they are all terrible!

Coffee selections are confusing. Would you like a flat white, latte, long black, short black, or cappuccino? A coffee with skim milk is called a “skinny” and an iced coffee is served with ice cream.

They call Sprite Lemonade, so what do they call Lemonade??

They spell everything the “English way”: color = colour; harbor = harbour

The flies are VERY agressive! They will never leave you alone and are SO annoying! They will continue to follow you around and land on the same spot on your body time after time, no matter how many times you swat them away!

I have yet to find a decent sushi restaurant in the city. When I have gone out for sushi I have been desturbed by the selections…who has ever heard of “chicken sushi”??

They drive on the left side of the road, and I find it very confusing to remember which side of the escalator to stand on to let others pass! I have also almost been hit by a car on several occasions while crossing the street after looking “left, right, left” instead of “right, left, right.” My good friend Jenny saved my life countless times!

There are never any serviettes (napkins/paper towels) to be found in restaurants or bathrooms? I once picked up a pizza for take away (to go) and I asked for serviettes, and the pizza guy asked me…”What do you need those for? Are you going on a picnic?”.

Yellow mustard is sold with a label stating “American Mustard”. I love “American Mustard” as it is one of the few condiments I can stomach. I HATE ketchup and mayo, so I have been annoyed for a while now that Subway does not carry yellow mustard.

One has to give a 4 week notice when leaving a job. I think that is a bit extreme.

Milkshakes are not thick, they are like milk with flavoring. If you want a thick one then you need to order a ‘thickshake’

B&B’s d0 not serve breakfast???!!!

Despite the things I may find odd about Australia, I have come to love this very beautiful country!

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