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Australia, RTW: 2007-2008 — By on November 6, 2008 11:20 PM

After spending six months in Australia this past year, I have increased my vocabulary with the HEAPS of “Aussie Lingo” I have so often heard. In the beginning, I was like…”Say What??” but now there are times that I catch myself saying these phrases without even thinking about it. A few of my favorites that I can’t help but say these days …“Do you reckon?” “No worries” “How you going?”.

I am starting to feel quite at home down under! Despite the fact that I can speak the Aussie slang, I unfortunately haven’t picked up any of that sexy Aussie accent! Apparently my “Southern drawl” is still going strong!

Here my most up to date Aussie lingo list…

G’Day = Hello
Fair Dinkum = Be honest
No Worries = No problem
Heaps = lots of
Mate = Friend
Chockablock = a lot of
Cossie/Togs = Swim suit
Esky = Cooler
U Reckon = you sure
Arvo = this afternoon
Bottleo = Liquor shop
Feral = Disgusting
Snag = Sausage
Dunny = Toilet
Sheila = Woman
Thongs = Flip-flops
Sunnies = Sun glasses
Righto = Okay
How you going? = How are you?

Don’t come the raw prawn = don’t be silly
Its pissing down = its raining
Beautiful = Excellent
Your shout = your turn to buy drink at the bar/buy something
Cracker = really good
Chewy = Chewing Gum
Skull = Chug
Lollies = Candy
Torch = Flashlight
Jug = Pitcher
Skooner = Pint
Queue = Line
Lift = Elevator
Serviet = Napkin
Lemonade = Sprite
Flat white = Latte
Tinis = Boats
Take away = to go
Hotel = Bar
Goone = box of wine
Dunna = comforter for a bed
Chips = Fries
Tomato Sauce = Ketchup
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  1. shannon says:

    See, and everyone looks at me funny when I say “take away” when I order food to go!

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