Kuta Beach, Bali

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We all headed back to Kuta, Bali, where I spent my last three days in Southeast Asia. Most people have heard of Kuta as a result of the terrorist bombings that occurred here in 2003 & 2005. It was eerie being in Bali on the anniversary of the bombings. And at this very moment, as I am writing this entry, the “Bali Bombers” are on death row and are expected to be executed at any moment.

On October 12, 2003, three bombs exploded on Kuta’s busiest street as well as inside a packed nightclub. The bombings killed 202 people and injured many more. Victims were from 23 countries around the world and their names are displayed on the monument that was built on the grounds the destroyed nightclub. We visited the memorial and all felt great sadness as we read through the many names of those who died and also saw many photos of the victims.

A second terrorist attack occurred in Kuta, Bali in October 2005 when three suicide bombers blew themselves up: one in a restaurant on Kuta Sq and two more at beach front seafood cafes in Jimbaran. The bombers were targeting tourists; however 15 of the 20 who died were Balinese and Javanese employees of the places bombed.

Indonesian authorities eventually laid the blame for the blasts on Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamic terrorist group. The Balinese are said to have gone into a sort of shock after the first bombing (‘How could somebody do this to our island?’), after the second the reaction was much more angry.

Many people have suffered as a result of the bombing, including those whose livelihoods depended on tourism. The tourism industry was devastated in Bali as a result of the bombings. Tourism employs over half of Bali’s population. The local economy plunged as visitor numbers fell by half and stayed low for months afterward.

Today it seems as if tourism is back as Kuta was buzzing with tourists during our visit and we were in Bali during “low season”. Surfers flock to Kuta for the surf as do beach bunnies and party goers.

Sara and I met up with Jim and Rich and shared many fun times in Kuta together…perhaps a little too much fun?!? When in Bali….

Night out dancing at the Bounty…

Jim’s famous “Salmon Dance” video to come soon…

Sunset on Kuta Beach…

Indonesia was a great place to conclude my travels through Southeast Asia. I loved Bali for it’s beauty, culture, serenity and fun! After spending four months backpacking through the countries of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, it was time for me return to where my travels had originally began…Sydney, Australia!

To see more photos of Kuta Beach CLICK HERE!

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    When do you come back?

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