Good Morning Vietnam!

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I arrived in Saigon a few days ago after crossing the border from Cambodia by bus. I traveled solo and decided to take the bus as it only took six hours and cost $13 compared to a $100 plane ticket. I didn’t really like having to turn over my passport to the bus driver… but the border crossing turned out to be very easy.

Danny is flying in from Sydney tonight and will be traveling with me up the coast to Hanoi over the next two weeks!!! Should be so much fun and I am very excited to see Danny again! Nicole stayed back in Cambodia as she felt she would be a “third wheel” on this part of the trip. It feels strange not having Nicole around as we have been together everyday for the past two months! Miss you girl! We do plan to meet up again in two weeks to continue our travels together.

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    Good Morning Kelly!
    Wasn’t Cambodia just the best!
    Where was that waterpark? I don’t know how I missed that?
    Anyhow; there is news on the monk front. E-mail me personally to find out what happened when I returned to Luangprabang. I left today. How is Danny holding up?
    Your blog is truly the most professional blog in the world!
    Don’t forget to check out and e-mail me at
    Have a wonderful and romantic time!

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