It’s a hard knock life for us!!!

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Traveling can be SO stressful! Here is only a short list of the stressful decisons we are faced with almost every day!

  • I can’t hear over the crashing of the ocean
  • Deciding which pool to swin at: the beach front pool with a view of the Andaman Sea or the more private pool with bar service?
  • Should I have a pineapple or watermelon shake today?
  • Which SPF should I use?
  • Should I read a book or listen to my iPod?
  • Where should we sleep: in a bungalow on the beach or a posh resort?
  • Which island should we go to next?
  • Do we want to sit on the deck of the boat or inside?
  • Should I lay on my back or my stomach while sunbathing?
  • Should I swim in the pool or the ocean?
  • Should I lay under the umbrella or not?
  • Do I want an iced tea or coffee?
  • Do I want a traditional Thai oil massage or a foot scrub?
  • Don’t hate us…it’s really hard! 🙂

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    1. Anonymous says:

      tuff gig huh!

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