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The last few days have been a bit frantic as I have prepared to leave Australia heading next to Southeast Asia. Today I sent my laptop back to Sydney along with a big box of stuff I did not want to to carry with me for the next part of my journey. My new smaller backpack only weighs 14 kilos (30 pounds)! I said goodbye to Stacy who is staying in Darwin and I will be traveling solo for the beginning of my trip.

I got a cheap flight to Bangkok on Tiger Airways, and I am currently in Singapore awaiting my connecting flight. I will arrive in Bangkok this morning and I plan to head to the Khao San & Banglamphu area; however, I have yet to book any accommodations.

Americans are allowed to enter Thailand visa free for 30 days with proof of a round trip ticket. I did not qualify for the free visa as I plan to exit Thailand in 5 weeks by crossing the border via bus to Laos. I visited the Thai Consulate while I Brisbane and purchased a 60-day visa for $45. I have a very loose itinerary in mind that will give me 4-5 months to explore Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

My new friend, Nicole, will be meeting up with me in a week and we will be traveling together for most of my journey. A few other friends plan to meet up with me along the way as well, Aine from SF being the first, as she will be arriving in Thailand in a few weeks!

It is sad for me to leave Australia as I have had such a great time here over the past 7 months. Australia is very similar to home and I am ready for a culture shock and cheaper prices!

I am not sure how often I will have internet access in the next few months but I will try to add new posts often!

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    Enjoy the meditation and quite baby!

    Take care Kelly!

    Love Danny

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