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The past year was a very eventful and life changing for me. If someone had told me this time last year that I would be living in Australia I would have never believed it! As I celebrated the beginning of 2008, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was really in Sydney having the best NYE of my life! It was amazing to know that I was celebrating NYE before most people in the world, as Sydney is one of the first cities to ring in the New Year! My life is now is totally different than what I had imagined it to be a year ago…but I am very happy with where I am today and looking forward to the exciting year I have ahead of me!

More than one million people lined Sydney Harbour to witness a spectacular fireworks display. There were over 3000 boats out on the harbour and the Harbour Bridge was the centerpiece with a giant neon hourglass. We had originally planned on joining the mass of people at the botanical gardens that arrive early afternoon to reserve a space to see the fireworks, but thankfully got a much better offer to celebrate that night! We are eternally grateful to Ashley for inviting us to the huge private party that was being held at her house in Point Piper. Lauren, Jenny, and I were stunned when we arrived at the party, which took place on the private beach behind Ashley’s house and was packed with over 500 people. The theme of the party was “Bay Watch” so we dressed the part! There were 2 sets of Djs, one playing out on the rocks, free food and drink, and unbelievable views of the city and fireworks. We were chatting with some local guys today who heard about the party we attended and said we were lucky as this was the best party and views of the night in Sydney!

As the clock struck midnight we were all dazzled by fireworks like we had never seen before! Not only were there massive ones being shot at multiple locations across the Harbour, but the main ones came shooting off the Harbour Bridge, vertically, horizontally, and then pouring down like a waterfall from the bottom of the bridge. I got goosebumps watching, it really was spectacular and an unforgettable experience! Check out this video to get a glimpse of what I saw that night!

Things got a bit crazy late night as I fell into the sea! My crazy Italian friend Phillipo decided to carry me into the ocean where he planned to lay a big New Years kiss on me. As a result I ended up soaking wet with a bleeding knee, and a broken cell phone!

When we left the party we quickly realized we were never going to catch a bus or get a cab home. I know it wasn’t the best idea, and please don’t tell my mother as she worries enough without reason, but we ended up hitching rides home. Lauren got in the car with two 18 year old boys and asked them “Are you going to kill me?” and they replied, “No, are you going to kill us?” When it was agreed that we would all live to enjoy 2008, we had our free ride home.

I hope you all had a great holiday and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2008!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hitching rides with strange 18 year old boys eh?! Yeah, nothing bad ever happens to young attractive girls while traveling abroad…
    Take care,
    Natalie H.

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