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Australia, RTW: 2007-2008 — By on December 8, 2007 12:42 AM

I am officially a working woman again! I started my new job with Stedhan’s Hospitality the day I got back from surf camp. I went into the office for a “uniform check”, and was asked if I could start in an hour. I had to literally run to the train station and figure out how to get to my first shift. I worked my first day at Astrol, the restaurant inside Star City Casino. I was only scheduled to work the lunch shift, which was a corporate Christmas party, but I ended up working an evening cocktail party as well. 10.5 hours later I remembered how exhausting it is to work in the hospitality industry. One perk of working in the industry is you get free food! I am also pleasantly surprised at how well serving positions pay. I do not get paid tips as no one tips in Australia, but the base pay is very good!

I have worked almost every day since I started, sometimes working 12 hours a day. I don’t mind the long hours as I am trying to work as much as possible during the month of December. After the New Year, the company will not be as busy, and I will probably get a second job bartending at the beach. I know I need to work and save money now as my working visa expires in March. I was shopping at a sporting good store this week, and the manager of the store offered me a job when he realized I have marketing and direct mail experience. He would like me to work part time assisting in the companies advertising and direct mail campaigns. I am thinking about it…

My uniform is very unattractive and I feel like a big dork in my tie and vest! Oh… correction, “waistcoat”. I asked an Aussie friend where I could get a black “vest” and he suggested we go to Target as they have tons of vests. I was surprised that Target would carry a vest, but I went anyways. When we got there he walked up to the section with tank tops and said, “Here are the vests”. Apparently what we call a “wife beater tank top” in the US is called a vest in Australia.

What I like most about my job is getting to work in different locations all over the city. I worked at the Fleet Steps, which is across from the botanical gardens with amazing views of the city. In fact, most everywhere I have worked has had great views to entertain me during my shift. I also like working with different people each shift as I have met a ton of new people from all over the world. I worked with another California girl this week named Ashley. She is from Santa Barbara and is also doing the work visa program.

Monday I worked at Bennelongs, a French restaurant inside the Sydney Opera House! I have also served corporate lunch and dinners at the offices of KPMG and Price Waterhouse Cooper. Last night I worked as a cocktail server at the Argyle Bar, where a company was hosting their Christmas party. I have found it quite amusing to pinpoint the drunkest people at company parties, who are embarrassing themselves, the most in front of their coworkers! Aussies definitely know how to throw a party and man can they drink! I worked at the Channel 7 Christmas Party where 6 severs came from “Hire a Hunk”. They served cocktails with no shirt, a bow tie around their neck and a Santa hat. I have never had a company Christmas party that is anything like the parties I have worked in Sydney.

Speaking of Christmas…it does not feel like Christmas here! It seems so strange to see Christmas decorations and to hear Christmas carols playing when the weather is so warm! Right now I am sitting outside a café in shorts and a tank top, watching people play at the beach! I absolutely love the holiday season but I am just not feeling it here. I didn’t even do any Christmas shopping this year!? I already told my work that I want to work Christmas Day, as I heard they pay triple that day. Technically I won’t be working on Christmas Day, as everyone back home will be celebrating a day after we do in Australia!

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